Friday, June 26, 2009

Off Season Dolldrums: Episode 1 - Trade Rumors

Are you at all surprised that we haven't put anything in this space for the last month? Well, you shouldn't be. In fact, until the B's extended Krecji, I couldn't stomach reading about them. Now...I'm ready to start making the summer pass a bit quicker. Maybe a weekly post or something to keep the overwhelming masses at bay. All three of you.

Let's look at what's coming up...

The Bruins have some decisions to make in the next week. They have multiple RFA's (Kessel, Bitz to name two) who they will be tendering offers to and they have the draft this weekend. With the 25th overall pick, the Bruins are supposedly looking to move up. They certainly have chips to do so with guys like Kessel and Bergeron who they clearly haven't committed to long term (i dont care what Bergy's contract says...they aren't sold on him past Monday).

And now as I'm writing this i read the following from the Boston Globe:

"Boston's interest in acquiring Tomas Kaberle, reported here on last night, took an interesting twist here today when's Bob McKenzie reported that the Bruins have offered Phil Kessel to the Leafs for Kaberle and the Leafs' seventh pick in tonight's NHL draft here at the Bell Center."

I texted my brother this news and he said "Maybe i'd jump on it for a 5th rounder". No Mike, not the 7th ROUND pick...the 7th OVERALL!

Kaberle is 31. He averages about 8 goals and 42 assists per season and is a career +43. He has two years remaining on a 5 year, $21.5 million deal he signed in February of 2006. Interesting to note that Kabrele and Ray Bourque have something in common...they are two of the four players to hit all four targets in just four shots in the skills competition at AllStar Weekend.

Interesting...More to come...

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