Thursday, November 5, 2009

Bruins Lose in SO, Narrowly Avoid Historically Bad Shut-Out Streak

On a night that saw the Boston Bruins dominate the scoring chances department, it was this save that kept the B's in it tonight at a critical moment in the second period. Sure, they lost the game. But is anyone else just happy they scored a fucking goal? The Bruins are in sad state of affairs, to be sure.

No one could finish tonight and that proved to be their undoing. The Habs took advantage of the one real bad mistake the Bruins D made at their blue line and sure enough it ends up being enough to get them into a shootout, and eventually the win.

So, there's your silver lining: they played better than they have and score A goal. One. That's it. Wheeee.

Oh, and I think Maxim Lapierre has taken over as my most hated player on the Habs. That guy is a douche.


  1. I think we all just have to try to smile through these tough times. Lots of injuries seriously damage a team very quickly. Just look at the Celtics last year. I SAID LOOK GODDAMNIT! oh, sorry...
    I'm not asking for slack to be cut for them. I think that we have to shift our expectations and realize that this is all but a brand new team. Savard is really good. Lucic's presence is very important. Krejci has a name that I can't pronounce and the swine flu. My point being that we can't have expectations. We can only watch and observe. Know that things will get better. I mean... they're not the fucking Islanders. The '08-'09 Bruins are not walking through that door. And that's okay. For now... [dun dun dunnnnn

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  3. Tips to enhance your Bruins viewing pleasure while they suck.
    1. Smoke illicit drugs before the game.
    2. Valium makes you not care about anything, yet you still enjoy just sitting there.
    3. Masterbate after every period the Bruins don't score. (or you use your left hand if you already employ this tactic or simply read this aloud to yourself:
    4. If you are watching the game with your friends or family DO NOT use tip #3.
    5. If you are watching the game with your girlfriend and/or her friends make sure they're really drunk and then try to incorporate tip #3.
    6. Drink every time a Bruin takes a shot and catches nothing but plexiglass.
    7. Drink every time an announcer mentions Tim Thomas' age or how long it took him to get to the fucking NHL.
    8. Drink every time Jack Edwards sounds like he's watching the Hindenburg crash and enjoys it.

    I realize this dissolved into nothing more than jerk off jokes and a college drinking game. I don't care. Im so high of off Sharpie fumes I uh. Where blue for insiding space farm. Goodnight moon!

  4. @Andrew: You sir, are a mad genius.

    Permission to come aboard sir? How are gopher and Doc? Alllrighty then!

  5. Check back soon for a breakdown of what's really wrong with our .500 hockey team. Oh, and tickets are cheap. i mean like, BYOB strip club cheap (they have those in myrtle beach and yes i've been to one)