Monday, November 17, 2008

Game Night: Toronto Maple Leafs

Early season NHL scheduling strikes again ... so what does that mean? Hockey on a Monday. We would say that sucks, but we like watching hockey. So for now we'll say 'that's cool'. Unless of course all these games over the next two weeks turns into a grind and the B's lose their momentum due to playing too many games in a row. The NHL has done a few things right over the past 2 years (see: automatic offensive zone face-offs on a Power Play), let's turn our attention to schedule next, eh?

In the meantime, we're playing another division game. Slauncha! These Leafs are a feisty bunch who aren't going to turtle like they did last time around, so don't get your hopes up for another blow-out. Our money is on a tight-checking low scoring game - something the B's have actually been pretty fucking good at this year. Come to think of it, the Bruins can score this year due to a number of off-season moves, some lucky, some actually well thought out - so any way the Leafs want to play it the B's should be able to come out on top so long as they don't forget how to fore-check in the 3rd period (Hi New York! Hi! You're welcome for that last game! Assholes.).

We'll check in after the game, in the meantime we need some Labatt and a sandwich.

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