Saturday, November 22, 2008

THROWBACK! (well, sorta)

Dateline, Boston, MA
Officially Announced on yesterday, the B's are unveiling a new "alternate" jersey this week. If you watched last night's game, you probably caught wind of Jack and Andy discussing just this, and also adding tidbits about how the Bruins are the only Pro Hockey team to (from day one) have the color black as a base for its sweaters. In fact, Jack claims Harry Sinden once threatened to sue the Pittsburgh Pens for their shift to black from powder blue.

At the cave, we don't believe in waiting. We try to demonstrate a bit of 2008 savvy (or just knowing how to hit a google search) and so without further order, here she be.

In addition to the jersey unveiling, the Bruins will be sending some key reps from the team to sign jerseys and promote YOU BUYING THEM on Monday, November 24th at 2pm until 3:30pm. The list includes Bergy, Chara, Lucic, Kessel, Savvy, Timmy and Wheels. They're their to help with you "shopping needs". No ladies, that doesn't mean you can get roofed by Lucic, but he might help pack your bag.

The B's are planning to debut the jersey this coming Friday against the Isles on a day in which, frankly, I'm GLAD the stock market isn't open because its

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