Sunday, November 16, 2008

This blog is vibrating!!!

If you have been so lucky as to stumble into our remote corner of the internet ... we're pretty fucking impressed because we haven't told anyone it even exists. But if you have, well done. We applaud you. Rene Rancourt pumps his fist in your general direction.

If you're like us you grew up watching guys like Neely, Orr, Bourque, Lemelin (was he even good? What about that mustache? More on this at a later date, I promise), the Sweeney Brothers, a young and not-so-shitty Glen Murray, and a host of other amazing combinations of facial hair and hilariously awesome last names. They were awesome to watch, even when they lost, and really encompassed a fantastic example of how hockey was meant to be played. They'd beat your ass, throw you into your bench, score a hat trick and then bang your girlfriend after the game. Now that's hockey.

The Boston Bruins used to mean a lot to Boston and if you're familiar with the recent history you know that since Bourque left people really just haven't given a shit.

Well here in the Cave, we give shit. We give a really big shit. We still watch every game anticipating the next Kessel toe-drag deke, Lucic fight, crazy-ass how-the-fuck-did-he-do-that Savard pass, simply terrifying Tim Thomas save, and maybe our favorite -- the Jack Edwards on air melt down.

So there you have it. We are all about the Bruins, hating the Canadiens, and promoting Jack Edwards for president. Check back soon for more legit posts and links.

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