Sunday, January 25, 2009

Abortions for some ... All-Star Breaks for All!

If you enjoy hockey, I hope you watched last night's little suare at the Bell Centre in Montreal, Quebec. There were more than a few things to like about the Super-Skills competition and Young Stars game. To point out a few ...

  • Alex Ovechkin's Trick Shot competition winner: Two sticks, a Greg Norman style golf hat (with Canadian flag), and sunglasses that George Jung would be jealous of. If you still don't think he can market himself you fucking crazy - the crowd went wild and showed it by voting him the winner despite the fact that he scored on the rebound. The league needs this guy to be this funny/awesome all the time.
  • Tim Thomas cheats: Three guys left in the breakaway competition, and Marc Savard needs a goal against his teammate Timmy Thomas to stay alive. Thomas puts his catcher behind his back and through his legs as a joke and Savard scores. They exchange a high-five. Cheating = awesome. Savard went on to lose anyway.
  • Player commentary: Yea I know. I'm a Bruins fan and it was a Bruin doing to talking, but still. He was funny, insightful, and it made a somewhat slow-moving breakaway event pretty watchable.
  • Zdeno Chara shoots hard: Captain Ze-deeeeen-o breaks Al Iafrate's record for the hardest shot with a 105.4 mph bullet.
  • Marc Streit runs into on-ice advertising thingy: Self explanitory. Only would have been better if he totally ate it, but he recovered.

I'd link or embed some video to this stuff but the problem is that even though the NHL put together a (so far) great All-Star weekend - they don't know how to make video player on their website work.

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