Monday, January 19, 2009

Look, I'm not making excuses here ....

But for the love of a skinny Vince Vaughn, we need to get healthy. A quick look at the injury report lists the following:

  1. Andrew Ferrence: tibia
  2. Milan Lucic : complete fucking mystery ( said leg, then shoulder)
  3. Aaron Ward: charleyhorse
  4. Patrice Bergeron: concussion
  5. Phil Kessel: mononucleosis
  6. Marco Sturm: Knee
So we're playing without four of our top six forwards and two, maybe three, of our top four blue-liners. It is a goddamned miracle that we aren't on some killer losing streak right now.

And, wait for it ... according to Fluto Shinzawa of the Boston Globe, Wideman didn't practice on Saturday and is considered questionable for the game today at 12:30PM.

Although through this shitstorm we might be able to find a benefit. Last year we saw the Pens not only survive, but actually thrive, without Sid the Kid. It became Evgeni Malkin's coming out party as he was forced to stop being such a bitch and really bring his game up to his potential level. The result? The Pens went on to play for Le Cup and Malkin is now one of the games best.

Now I'm not saying that Bergeron, Sturm, or Kessel is Sidney Crosby (not even put together as some mutant 5 legged, six armed, hockey monstrosity named Sturgeronsel). But I am saying that when these players go down you really find out who the guys are that will shine given more responsibility and ice-time. Let's hope someone besides Krejci steps up to the plate because this is when we really need it.

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