Monday, March 9, 2009

The Frogs Get Slightly Less French, Fire Guy Carbonneau

News came in today that Guy Carbonneau is out as head coach of your beloved Montreal Canadiens. With a career coaching record of 124-83-23, he wasn't all that bad but not all that good either.

As a player he was a solid 2 way guy, winning three Selke's in the 90s. A pretty popular dude with the the Stars and the Frenchies. His number was actually not worn the year after he retired from the league in 2000 as result of a petition from the Stars fans. Ain't that special!

Don't worry, I sent him a card to make sure he knows that we're all thinking of him ...

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  1. This is the usual for the Canadiens. Perhaps Michel Therrien will return to his old job. You never know...