Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Hockey Stocks - Winners and Losers

In the spirit of the times (EVERYBODY PANIC!) I thought I'd make a quick entry about some rising and falling play-off teams. As Jim Cramer would say ...


The Hartford Whalers: These guys are on a serious tear right now. They ripped off 6 in a row and even though certain bloggers said they'd be out of the play-off picture - here they are in the 5 seed, threatenting to take the four! Good heavens, man. They could even take the 3 if things played out for them. They even play the Devils in the last game of the season - so that might end up being a very important contest.


The New Jersey Devils: Man they looked like poop last night against the Rangers. Brodeur was doing a whole lot of complaining to the refs (all three goals were quite legit, even pretty), and their goon squad look like a bunch of amateurs after they tried to take runs at Sean Avery in the second, and again in the 3rd with only minutes remaining in the contest. The Devils have dropped 5 in a row, and if Philly and Carolina turn on the jets we could see a big shake-up in the 3, 4, and 5 spots.

Extra Fun from last night's game: When Sean Avery lets himself get tossed around like a rag doll because he refuses to fight, you know John Tortorella has him by the balls. He was looking at the bench like a German sheppard waiting for his owner to give him permission to rip the dude's face off.


  1. Hey, you need to change the Edwards quote. During the Devils/Bruins game when that guy took a pop at Chara from behind the ref, and Chara reached around and popped the guy. He said, "check your sleeve length before taking a swipe at the big guy, son"

  2. Duly noted, Sarah - thanks for the helper!

  3. Just have to add this:

    Anyone who watched the Flyers game will distinctly remember one of my favorite moments of the year. When Lucic labeled Randy (lick my balls) Jones, Edwards just began laughing in a way that can only be described as "satanically sinister" (forgive the alliteration). It was phenomenal.