Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Trade Deadline Day: LunchTime Update


It's trade deadline day!!!

Update: Don Sweeney told this morning the following:
"We’ve got something in the cooker that may come down relatively shortly here and obviously we think it’s going to improve our hockey club immediately. Hopefully it goes through; we’re waiting for Pete to give the final word to the other team and we’ll go from there and obviously making a bunch of other inquiries in different situations, see how it goes"

As we wait for the Bruins to do, well,'s what has transpired so far.

The Senators have shipped Antione Vermette down to the Blue Jackets for G Pascal Leclaire, who happens to be hurt and 3-4 weeks away from full health. This is interesting because 1. I don't care about Columbus and 2. This could mean the Sens have a real goalie going forward. Either way, good platoon option for them, and they won't miss Vermette much. Maybe we can ship them back Peter Schaefer...i mean, he sucks too.

The Sabres have signed Tim Connolly to a 2 year extension worth 9 million. I like this for one big reason. He's not fucking worth 4.5 million a season! Way to go, BUF-A-LOW!!!!

Check back later for more updates.



  1. $4.5 million for Tim Connolly is the best roster move the Bruins saw all day.

    If I'm a Sabres fan watching guys like Drury skip town, and a deadbeat like Connolly getting overpaid, I'm PISSED right now.

  2. Couldn't agree more. Looks like things are just heating up though, as the Noon hour passing means that the waiver claims have gone through and teams know who's going where from all that activity yesterday.

    Check the latest post to see the details on the Anaheim trade.

    Thanks Tom