Friday, March 27, 2009

Game of the Night (And Look Who i Found!)

In today's edition, we'll be looking at (surprise surprise) the Panthers 4-2 road win in Philly last night.

This game was actually very exciting, with the Panthers going up by 1 three separate times before netting the put-away goal. In fact, it had nearly everything from a Scott Hartnell goal to Scotty getting laid out (one of the most enjoyable hip checks i've seen all year) and from a beautiful point tip to Nick Boytnon actually creating offense (!).

The real story was Craig Anderson in the Panthers net. The Bruins know first-hand how good Anderson can be and with Vokoun in the doghouse after Wednesday's loss in Buffalo, Anderson basically kept the Panther's playoff hopes alive in a suprising outcome.

Games to watch this evening: Unfortunately no two playoff bound teams from the east are scheduled tonight, but here's two games that should be great and will impact the race somewhat:
1. New Jersey travels to Chicago - two very different teams on the rise
2. Buffalo travels to Toronto - Classic Adams division tilt, with the Slugs hoping to keep a pulse, while pulling Toronto's respirator plug for real (I can't believe I'm hearing talk of a team making the playoffs that has 8 games to play and is 10 points out). news.

I found Rob Simpson!!!!!!! This may not be news to anybody but me (in fact, i fully expect the Caveman to call me and bitch me out in about 23 minutes for not having caught this). However, i flipped on NHL network today and found EJ Hradek at the mic (in a Whalers track jacket i might add, AWESOME) talking to none other than your host, Rob Simpson.

Thank you NHL network, for continuing to make my day brighter.

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