Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Get out the Vote

Just look at this shit...

If the balloting closed today, your 2009 NHL All-Star starters would consist of 4 Red Wings, a Flame, a Canuck and SIX MOTHERFUCKING CANADIENS?!?!?!

You read that right, as of today, the Eastern Conference starters is set to consist of 5 Canadien skaters and a sonofabitch named Carey Price, who by rights, shouldn't be on the damn ballot given the way he's played against Boston this year. Remember, as Jack Edwards has frequently pointed out, Timmy isn't even a voting option...i had to write him in, just like i wrote in Stephen Colbert on November 4.

My votes? Well, i went homer in the East, big whoop, wanna fight about it? Here's my ballot (which you can submit 30 times btw, thus explaining why some Habs guys have over 400k vote leads):

Forwards - Bergeron, Savard, Semin
D-Men - Wideman (write in), Chara
Goalie - Thomas (write in)

In the West, i thought i'd mix it up a bit...get the juices flowing if you will.

Forwards - Toews, Hossa (you have to), and Hejduk
D-Men - Campbell and Souray
Goalie - Pascal Leclaire...why? Because the Blue Jackets deserve some lovin too...

So there it is...now get out there and fix this malarky that the great nation of Quebec is trying to pull over our eyes. Otherwise, i'm just gonna burn the Bell Centre to the ground.

B's are off until Thursday, in case you're wondering. Now for this week's "Good News/Bad News" section which i've just made up.

Good News: Marco Sturm returned to practice yesterday after sitting out 6 straight games with a concussion. Expect him to get limited ice-time on Saturday night, if not sooner. He made the trip to Tampa.
Bad News: Aaron Ward is in pain. The B's recalled Lashoff (and Boychuck) to fill the void and you probably won't see the Bruins illustrious blocked-shot leader for a couple weeks.

Horn me.

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