Monday, December 8, 2008

Weekend GNH

A two gamer...

A Florida Sweep
Two great backstops beats just one
Sunshine State, Gorgeous

And since we're bring on the boys from Tampa once more tonight (see: theme of December is Southeast Division): Let's go back again!!!

And a public service announcement(s): If you haven't seen it, pick up a copy of the Improper Bostonian, or hit their website to check out a great article on Bergeron's comeback. He's seen here gracing their cover. Rumor has it, next month may contain some Bruins related material, as well. Well done.

The Bonesaw will be attending a private Bruins practice Sunday afternoon, the 14th; So keep a lookout for a nice long post updating you on Claude Julien's wacky French Canadian ways of running a scrum.

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