Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Seriously, WTF is with this dude's hair?

Words cannot even describe the awesomeness that was going on with Brian Engblom's hair tonight on Versus. I'm not even sure where to begin - the slicked back and gelled sides, the muffin-top bangs, or the ridiculous part down the middle? Just a cornicoupia of fuck. He looks like the first guy they tried the Flowbee on.

I'd say it was a rug, but I don't even think the Hairclub for Men would stick their seal of approval on this piece of shit.

I know, I'm a real shithead for making fun of a guys hair but hear me out:
  1. He's on national television, there's just no excuse for this.
  2. He and Eddie 'I couldn't win with Crosby and Malkin' Olczyk karma-fucked Kessel out of his point streak on the pre-game, 1st AND 2nd intermission report.
  3. Did you SEE his hair?! Look again. Go ahead, I'll wait.
Oh, and the Bruins won. Thomas had an amazing game with a killer save that we'll be sure to see a few hundred more times. You can count on a NESN promo featuring it in about 2 weeks. They work so fast over at the big blue ticket - always fresh.

I have to work tomorrow, which is as gay as the day is long. But that also means I'll be posting some stuff from the office, so I've got that going for me. Which is nice.

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