Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Bruins Add New Ticket Package - Boobs Now Free!

If it was any secret that girls at hockey games are cooler than girls at just about any other professional sporting event, Barstool Sports has busted the story wide open (relatively NSFW).

If you were puzzled by cheering from the hometown crowd during the Bruins stink-fest of a home opener, perhaps these two ladies were responsible. Come to think of it, this sort of activity actually makes sense, given that the food that comes with the 'Hungry for Hockey' tickets is on par with a strip club buffet.

Anyway, well done, ladies. I'll be in Section 304 on Thursday.


  1. There was another girl on the jumbotron in the 3rd period, light brown hair in a white shirt much better than the Barstool post that was exciting the crowd. Up and down and up and down she was exciting the crowd. If you get her picture, it would be amazing!!

  2. I particularly like the commenter on BarStool who said "I'd slay that fat pie"

    You stay classy

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