Thursday, October 1, 2009

Game Notes Haiku: We'll Start on the Road Again Next Year , Thank You

Season starts tonight
Ovechkin got the memo
No one told the B's


  1. Is that it after last night? come on lil bro!

    How about we start with the buzz around the arena? Yes, you could feel it in the air that hockey has returned to Boston. Sure its number 4 on the list of major sports but like true Bruins fans, we don't give a crap about everyone else.

    I haven't gotten a chance and I probably won't be able to watch the game again from the TV broadcast. What I can say from being there was the Bruins were rusty. Like any methodical forward thinking group, they came with what they had, and figured the rest would work itself out. Unfortunately, time away from pressure situations and lack of ice, especially game time with linemates showed through tremendously. Krecji was probably the B's best player and he's coming off injury. The echo that ran through my head all night was "Why is Krecji and Savard shooting so much?". It was true, Ryder was either waiting on something or not skating into space. Sturm and Lucic weren't creating their own space. Now the box score may disagree with my eyes but one thing is for sure and that is this team won't miss the net that many times. And granted the Caps are a decent defensive team but they won't block that many shots either. The B's helped them on that stat line.

    instant reaction...Thomas had a poor game. Its not even a second thought, it happens. As they did in last years playoff series, they couldn't utilize the fan energy from a sellout opening night crowd. It wasn't until Bergeron's shorty did the team come alive to catch up with the fans anticipation. As soon as the momentum started, it ended with a very long TV timeout and a very poor powerplay.

    The Caps are good and only Dennis Green can say it any better. Though last night was about a team that IS better than the Caps which showed in the first period on the ice but not on the scoreboard...insert rhetoric here...

    The special teams needs much improvement and you can see the hole left by PJ but it can be filled. If this team can ever harness and build off the energy of the fanbase, they'd be very dangerous! Carolina and visit from Scott Walker may be just what the doctor ordered.

  2. Thomas had 30 save of 34, I wouldn't necessarly call that a bad game. I would say the defense in front of him was not up to par putting too much pressure on Thomas. Typically, he can handle this, but no one can really blame him per say. Not to mention it is kind of hard to win a game with only 1 goal from 20 shots.

  3. That's were a stat line is deceiving. Thomas was giving up juicy rebounds and had a lot trouble holding onto the puck. He even had one of those long distance clears go under his glove and luckily hit his pad instead of going in. Two of the goals were tap ins.

    I don't think I went so far to blame him for all the trouble on Thursday. The second goal was a complete defensive collapse. I mean how do you let the leagues best goal scorer all alone at the top of the circles with room to move. And when they did cover him he still was able to get position on his second goal. That's were I feel losing Ward is going to take the extra effort from the rest of the D corps to man up and get in people's grills. Morris isn't known for it but he did it twice that I remember, one being Ovechkin's breakaway. Just that extra bit of nastiness and confidence should go a long way.