Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Injury Update - Savard Out 4-6 weeks

Savard was placed on long term IR (means he has to miss 24 days or ten games, minimum) with a broken left foot. 4-6 weeks is the expected timetable for return. Great. We're officially snake-bitten this year with the injury bug.


  1. The good news?

    The Bruins face the Predators tonight. This is good news because 43% of the goals scored against the Bruins have been powerplay goals. That in itself is not good news. The Bruins having the 4th worst penalty kill in the NHL terrible news. But the Nashville 'Child' Predators have the number 1 worst powerplay. They've scored one goal with the man advantage (teehee) in 24 chances over 7 games. That's a 4.2% "success" rate.
    So the Bruins still have a shot at the victory even without Savard and Lucic.
    Can we play the Predators all the time please?
    No. We have to play teams with more points than us the next 6 games after tonight.
    Smells like balls.

  2. Well, since I'm so smart I prophesied the victory of the Bruins in Nashville. Since I'm Christ-esque I correctly anticipated the Predators' powerplay stinking. Well, actually their 2 goals came almost immediately after the Bruins finished killing a penalty. Guess I'll have to wait to climb up a cross.

    Also, Ryder's goal was funk-nasty off a bitch-please! pass from Marchand.