Friday, October 30, 2009

Next! The Hated Oilers of my childhood

Who here remembers 1990? I do. That was the all time most memorable season of Bruins hockey in my lifetime. I remember individual games from that year like people their kid's Christenings. Not to mention the fact that the whole season was burned into my brain over and over again by the immortal "Reach for the Stars" video, narrated by the one and only Michael J Fox (yes, i mention this at least three times a season). That season was ended by a sweep in the cup finals at the hands of the then Gretzky-less Edmonton Oilers and highlighted by one of the most heartbreaking finishes to a game in Boston sports history. Petr Klima's triple OT winner will forever stain my brain like a lemon party.

So, let's get past last night's loss to a team that's 6-0 on the road this year (gulp) and move on to tomorrow's Halloween tilt with a team that i hate as much as my cohort hates the Devils (we've been over that recently).

The Oilers come in to town on the heels of a 6-5 SO win over the Red Wings last night, at home, in which they led 5-1 in the second period. Let's just note - this team can be scored on. Also fun is the inclusion of Zach Stortini (pictured, right, in a rendering from NHL '10) who is single-handedly helping them average over 14 PIM per outing. I hope Shawn-O takes a few knuckles to his face tomorrow.

The more i think about it, the more i love the way we played last night. Guys like Sobotka and Bitz really played good hockey consistently throughout the night. Sometimes the puck just doesn't go in for you.

Finally, a special treat, courtesy of my brother, is the below Jack-O-Lantern (in honor of Jack Edwards, of course).

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