Thursday, April 2, 2009

2008-2009 7th Player Award Winner Is ...

All three people listed above share something in common. Do you know what it is?

I know, I'll bet you first guess was that they were all Boston Bruins 7th Player Award winners, but you'd be wrong. The only guy above that has done that is David Krejci.

Yes, Saddam had a twisted wrister and Jessica really knew how to break the left wing lock. But the only 7th player winner was Krejci. Promise. Turns out they all were born on April 28th. Who knew?

But Enough about late ousted dictators and bionic women. Congratulations to David 'The One' Krejci on being voted the 7th Player Award Winner for 2009. He might have scuffled a little bit there but the numbers certainly were amazing this year for the second year pro*. Plus, now that he seems to have remembered how to play hockey we can start to count on him to consistently produce in the play-offs.

Here's hoping the Bruins can lock this kid up for a while - he's one hell of a center and might just be a guy that we can count on for years to come.

Oh, and some dude won a truck as a part of the ceremony, too. Good for him.

*I know, he played 6 games in 06-07. Doesn't count, ok?

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