Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Game of the Night: It's, well, a mess

Sounds about right for the fight at the bottom of the Eastern conference playoffs. In tonight's "Game of the Night" let's focus on two games...a double dippah!!!

First, the 4th place Flyers host the 9th (technically tied for 8th) place Panthers in a must win for both. If Philly loses, they lose the division to NJ and could easily drop out of having home ice in the coming days. If the Panthers lose, well, they get to keep the football and are a day closer to playing golf, folks.

The second game is Montreal visiting the NY Rangers. This battle of 7th vs. 8th is crucial to both teams.

Coming out of tonight, we could very well have the following scenario battling it out for the last two spots...

6. PIT - 93 pts
7. NYR - 92 pts
8. MTL - 91 pts
9. FLA - 91 pts

Talk about a barn-burner for the last two seeds. The other key is that Slug-a-lo is hanging back with 85 points and 3 to play, so wins by the Habs and Cats all but elminates the Slugs from contention. Watch these games closely, now, as the Bruins first round opponent is definitely coming out of this group. You heard it hear first (like that was difficult to predict).

Oh, and the B's play some clowns in Ottawa tonight, too. Can you guess what Wideman's thinking below?


  1. https://www.pleasesellthebruins.com/

    Tell me what you think.

  2. I couldn't help but notice the lack of posts on there since Julien's hiring. There's no question that ownership gets trashed a lot more oftern when things aren't going well. Easier to look beyond ownership's bumbling when we happen to sit atop the conference, mailing in games so we can get healty.

    Don't misunderstand, I have no love for Jacobs. He tried to get cute after the lock-out and we got burned. Badly.

    Any idea who the admin is over at 'Please Sell the Bruins'?

  3. Ya. I gotta say this is interesting given the lack of commentary on both the salary cap era and the Bruins post-Chiarelli's arrival (with the exception of noting the Dave Lewis one year tenure).

    Frankly, as much as i hate Jacobs for destroying my childhood, its difficult to argue that any fan base has benefited more from two simple swings of the preverbial pendulum (introduction of the cap and the subsequent hiring of Chiarelli and his staff). The Bruins are in far better shape now than they'd ever have been in the 1990's with the same management group simply because of the cap. Even more so, our depth as an organization is improved because we can focus on growth from within, player development, etc as a result of not having to stress over the inevitability of us being outbid for the next big UFA.

    Funny site though, historically speaking. I'd love to see more Mike O'Connell trashing on there, particularly his desperate 05 campaign.