Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Bruins Throw the Habs Off the Cliff, Sweep Series

With apologies to Steven Colbert, Canada's number one threat: Bears

Holy shit does this feel good. The Bruins just blew Montreal straight out of the water in game 4 by a score of 4-1 and if that doesn't make you smile then you should take a moment to re-evaluate your internet browsing skills(z?).

I'd break down the game, but it was quite simple. The Bruins were better. Much better.

How many times did you see a Bruin win a battle in corner, make that extra pass, or clear out a juicy rebound in front of Tim Thomas. These Bruins came in with a solid game-plan and executed it from start to finish. Don't do anything dumb, don't get baited, and just work harder.

Maybe my favorite moment of tonight came in the 3rd when Mike Komaserik grabbed Milan Lucic after a little contact along the Habs bench and roughed him up for no apparent reason. Luc glares at him, ducks out in between the linesmen, and glances back with a grin and heads for the bench. What does Mike get for his trouble? A game misconduct. That was the series in a nutshell.

Perhaps Jack put it best when he said "have a great summer, Mike". Damn straight.

Game, set, match. So long, suckers. In the language of the great city of Montreal: Via con dios, Les Habitants.

Bring on the Rangers (maybe?) and their poorly, poorly lit arena.

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