Friday, April 10, 2009

GNH: Go Back to Canadia, for now...

Bruins Make Statement

Despite Blunders, PIMs, Tempers

See you in 1st Round(?)

Let’s face it. Odds are we’ll be watching the Canadiens roll into town next Thursday as the Bruins’ first round foe for the third time in the last 6 seasons. The Rangers hold the tiebreaker with Montreal and neither has a desirable match-up in their respective final games this weekend (so, let’s call it 2:3 odds that we see the Habs and not the frustrating boys from NYC). Montreal gets to host the long haired chumps from Broad Street (there’s alot, alot of culture there) and the Rangers visit the Igloo (er, Melon Arena) to get beat up by Geno one more time.

Look, we all knew this was coming. To this man, it is no different than Aaron bloody Boone. The Bruins, and the city of Boston, have unfinished business with our neighbors to the North, just like the Sox going through the Spanks following the Boone Series en route to the 2004 Title. Let’s accept reality, put the anxiety behind us and bring ‘em on. I want to play them. I’ll go so far as to say it will be good for this team to bury the ghosts of Le Habitant. Call it a cleansing excercise, if you will, but come Sunday evening, round about 8pm ET, the Rangers will finish up their tilt with the Penguins and we’ll know who to expect next week. Granted, if the Habs lose tomorrow, we’ll already know.

Get ready Boston. There’s a familiar storm brewing in the Adams’ Division of old and last night our guys just stood up and said "we’re ready, come hell or high water". I’m ready, too. Maybe its time to buy one of those "Canadiens’ Suck" t-shirts that some guy made in his basement with food coloring and a stencil he bought at Osco Drug. Oh wait…I already have one.

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