Tuesday, April 21, 2009

No Lucic, No Problem...B's up 3-0

No Lucic? No Problem. 3-0. Put that in your pipe and smoke it.

One step at a time though. Let’s get the next one, first. The Bruins are a game away from getting this classless monkey off their backs and moving to the second round for the first time since 1999. At least my doctor isn’t spending hours at my bedside monitoring my blood pressure (he was last week - sorta) but we’re not there yet, folks.

Count me as one of those who were absolutely terrified (but not surprised) by the ferocious start Montreal brought in the first fifteen minutes last night. I give tremendous credit to our defensive corps and Timmy for not imploding from the pressure. One goal in that stretch was commendable and they clearly have the mental toughness to be where they are, as demonstrated by the responses to both the first and second goals Montreal netted, each of which could be called "breakdowns" by our defense. We never got down as a team and kept coming right at them.

I think Montreal may have spent its stack at this point. Sure, they’ll come out hard in game four, but let’s face it, they probably missed their chance. With Lucic, our physical initiator, out serving a suspension (Footnote: i won’t argue with it and i’m impressed with the maturity Lucic displayed in not appealing it), the Habs had a fired up hometown crowd and every opportunity to sieze the momentum - but they could not. In this case, it was Phil Kessel, who’s defelction home late in the first that tied things up, reminding the Canadiens that they aren’t ever going to be able to keep momentum for long in this series. Their only lead of the three games lasted exactly 6:43. If Montreal couldn’t capitalize on that setup, I’m gaining confidence that they simply won’t ever do it this year. I know, that statement isn’t much of a stretch.

Final though on last night’s game. What has happend that we’re suddenly "ok" with an entire fanbase repeatedly demonstrating an utter lack of class and maturity? I have some rich French Canadian heritage in my blood and many of my relatives going back four or five generations called Quebec home. Frankly, the behavior of these Canadiens fans to boo the National Anthem in now two consecutive years emabarrases me and should embarrass the Montreal organization. Once is a mistake, twice is a tradition. I’m ashamed to see this moronic display of disrespect in a game, that has nothing to do with countries, politics, or anything else remotely related to it. How do you think the players on the Bruins (or their coach?) feel about these idiots booing the American National anthem…and i’m talking about those who are FROM Quebec?

Fuck the Habs fans and their bullshit behavior. I've had enough. Let’s end this series and send them packing.

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  1. "classless monkeys" is a great description of these morons.