Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Back to Basics

So, in thinking about the bad stretch of offense we've run into lately, i've realized that we just need to get hungry, angry and overall, feisty. Yea...i said it. It's time to intimidate our opponents again the way we did before Lucic got hurt in December.

Since i just don't have time to make a full post...i'll show you what i mean. Since the Whalers are tonight's opponent (i've decided that we'll no longer be calling them the Hurricanes in this space. In fact, we're calling Phoenix the Jets, Colorado the Nordiques and for fun, Dallas can be the Suck), here's a video of a great brawl from the late 80's. Watch for the little things, like Jay Miller giving a "how's your father" with his stick to some guy and Byers cursing out the guy he's fighting, quite audibly, on television.

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  1. Also...i've had a request for some old Newmie commentary. Check back in a few hours for more fight coverage of the 80's Whale.