Monday, February 9, 2009 is lazy, unaware.

UPDATE - Well, it took them a whole business day but has fixed the spelling gaff from earlier. Way to go guys!


So I'm at work, poking around the intertubes and I go to Oh, they are promoting Sharks at Bruins, awesome. Should be a sweet game. The NHL is so excited to see Joe Thornton come back to Boston that they have an article practically begging you to watch it on Versus Tuesday Night.

"In fact, Tuesday's game on Versus will also feature former Bruin Joe Thorton's return to Boston for the first time since January 2006, just about a month after being traded to the Sharks. Thorton drew a misconduct for a high hit that night and left the game after just two minutes. So Tuesday qualifies as the Western Conference All-Star captain's first full game against his former team, for whom he scored 169 goals and 454 points. Thorton's San Jose run is 83 goals, 358 points and counting."

Wait. What's his name? Thorton? FUCK! Seriously?! We're not talking about some Russian guy who no one has ever heard of - he was the goddamned MVP of the league!

That's OK, it was only written by Bob Condor,'s Editor-in-Chief.

It's the NHL! Watch our product, buy our shit, but don't expect us to spell our best player's names correctly.

Now I actually want to do work. Great. Thanks


  1. Only the first letter of the word beginning a sentence is capitalized, especially when criticizing a website for making a small, negligible, benign, boring, spelling mistake that no one cared about.

  2. Dually noted GingerBalls, I'll make sure to withhold my editorial staff's pay for this week.

  3. Few things are more entertaining than mispelling the word "gaffe" in a sentence criticizing the mispellings of others.