Sunday, February 1, 2009

Jack Edwards - Best Fight Call Ever?

"Here we go right away, Alex Henry who has just dressed for this game six feet six and two-hundred and thirty pounds who has no where near the goal scoring resume of Shaun Thornton. But hes got a big reach advantage over Thornton. Thornton drives him into the glass, scores with a couple of right! Ducks on lower right hand, Alex Henry is missing and missing again! Thornton goes in and hits him, then has to retreat and look for his space. THORNTON OVER AND UNDER AS HE SCORES ON THE BIG GOON FROM, um, THE EX MILWAUKEE ADMIRAL CAPTAIN WHO SPENT THE YEAR IN HAMILTON WORKING ON HIS PUGILISTIC SKILLS. HE'S DRESSED AS THE SIXTH DEFENSEMAN FOR THE CANADIENS BUT DON'T EXPECT HIM TO DO ANYTHING WITH HIS STICK IN HIS HANDS! IN FACT THE UNIFORM HE'S WEARING RIGHT NOW FITS PERFECTLY CAUSE THEY JUST RE-ARRANGED THE PRISON STRIPES ON THIS GUY! HE'S ARM-WEARY, HE'S GASSED AND HE'S GONE AND I DOUBT WE'LL SEE HIM AGAIN TONIGHT!"

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