Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Philly Preview

Given that the Bruins are meeting the Flyers for the first time this season and in almost a year (3/15/08 being the last meeting), i thought some preview fun facts would be in order.

The Bruins took the season series, 3 games to 1, last year. You might remember game 1 (no, i won't relive the experience here) from such times as Randy Jones can lick my balls and if i ever see the fucker, I'm pulling a Marty McSorley on his ankle-bending ass.

Sorry...i blacked out for a second.

Here's a better, more random note: Aaron Ward potted the game winner in each of the final two meetings last year. Pretty good contribution, considering Aaron had 5 goals in 2007-08. Kind of reminds me how Thornton always seems to score against the Hurricanes. By the way, let's go off on a tangent to the circle that is Aaron Ward. This is a guy who, prior to this season, had a career minus 42. You read that right. That's bad. In fact, it is outright horrible. As a guy who contributes little offensively, yet is highly touted for being a solid veteran with good decision making, he sure sucks in this regard. But wait. What's that you say? He's a career-best plus 15 this year? He's a plus 16 in two (plus) seasons since joining the Bruins? Wow, way to turn it around late there Mr. Ward. In retrospect, the guy had a -23 in 02/03, so really what you should learn here is that i like to go overboard and in reality, one bad season on a bad team can KILL your career +/-. To be completely fair and rounded, I think Ward's physical play is highly under appreciated (except by Jack Edwards) and he's been a solid leader, at least from afar, to a relatively younger team.

Another random tidbit involves goal tending. In the 3 wins, the Bruins had 3 different winning net minders! Rask, Auld and Thomas in that order.

Not to be outdone in references, the Flyer's website notes that Martin Biron is "8-0-1 with a 2.00 goals-against average in his last 10 starts versus the Bruins".
Well FUCK THAT NOISE. I'm looking for the B's to continue their road tear of late (9 for their last 10) and slam some pucks into the twine behind Marty "Not that Marty" Biron. Let's just hope, for Philly's sake, Biron doesn't have a pregame ritual where he gazes at his skate's like this.

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