Saturday, February 7, 2009

Game Day: Flyers at 1

These fuckers again? (Have a look at this throwback to Lucic's name-creating days bearing number 62 and still technically a Jr. Hockey call-up)

Fine. I'd like to say that i will not be laying action on this one after the bruins covered a 1.5 spread the other night and i moronically parlayed the over with that pick...let's just say that didn't pan out.

Some notes from the trainer's room for today:

Lucic is going to be back, after a CAT scan revealed no break in his left foot. He skated at practice yesterday. Kobasew and Ryder (took a nice cut to the face Thursday) should be available, but the Globe's online reporting makes it sound ominous for Ward, who appears to be the next victim of the locker room flu. No word, of yet, on Hunwick's status.

In other news, we recently discovered a very well written blog by our friends north of the border at which has an awesome concept called "Behind Enemy Lines". In said section, the authors dubiously point to commentary from the upcoming opponent's blogosphere. I'm so moved to have been found, much less quoted, that i feel compelled to quoth the raven back, right here. This is what the Sens faithful had to say in their retelling of Brian Elliot's performance Thursday:

"Sweep the leg!: Brian Grasshopper, you grow stronger with each passing sun. Man who catch Phil Kessel wrist shot out of thin air, accomplish anything!"

Well done boys.

As for today's Behind Enemy Lines, well there aren't any good Philly blogs, so fuck Philly. Now, if you'll excuse me, the Caveman is sans vehicle, and needs to exchange his golf shoes. So it's "off to Saugus, we go".


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